About DDA

About DDA

The Danish Deaf Association (DDA) is a non-profit organization led by deaf persons. DDA brings together deaf, hard of hearing sign language users and their families and has 16 local deaf member associations across Denmark. Together we promote the rights of deaf and hard of hearing persons through ) by advocating for change locally, nationally and internationally. for change locally, nationally and internationally.

Key visions

DDA wants its deaf and hard of hearing members to feel:

We are recognised and respected within the Danish society for our skills and talents. Our culture, history and Danish sign language should also be recognized and promoted by the Danish society.

Well qualified
We have a right to be well-educated across all areas of life, including equal career opportunities and accessibility settings that match our educational level and professional experience.

Well informed
We work collaboratively to be well-informed, and have access to information, news and knowledge, especially in Danish sign language. We must be able to communicate with public authorities, companies and in social contexts, foremost in Danish sign language.

We endorse a strong diverse community with focus on solidarity. We are committed to participate in our communities, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Workprogram 2017 - 2020

DDL focus on the following areas:

  • Labor market
  • Danish sign language
  • Solidarity
  • Strong organization
  • Culture, history and language
  • Accessibility

Equal rights and opportunities

Access to education, work, social networking, cultural offers/events and important information are vital to human development and quality in life. This also apply to the deaf and hard of hearing community. The driving force in the work of DDL, is a conviction that deaf people are entitled to equal opportunities and rights. Over recent years, DDL has successfully achieved the following; - members can now:

  • Contact emergency centres via app
  • Receive siren warnings via SMS in case of local and national public emergency
  • Watch sign language and subtitled programs on TV every day
  • Have an interpreter for social activities
  • Have parental guidance
  • Profit from recognition of the Danish sign language as a full language in Denmark
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