The board and the structure of DDA

The board and the structure of DDA
Foto: Thomas Kold

Every third year DDL holds a general assembly. Here, the executive board for the coming three years, is elected. The board is responsible for the work and economics of DDL. The executive board have meetings 4-5 times a year, where they discuss important political, organizational and economic issues.

The board, 2017 - 2020

  • Lars Knudsen, chairman
  • Ole Rønne Christensen, vice chairman
  • Bent Brøndum
  • Michael Olesen
  • André Kobberholm
  • Karin Mikkelsen
  • Klaus Huse
  • Nezahat Taskin
  • Birthe Pedersen


You are always welcome to contact the board. You can reach the chairman, Lars Knudsen at

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